June 06, 2013

Fratercula arctica

Bird of month June 2013

Sci: Fratercula arctica, No: Lunde, Eng: Puffin, It: Pulcinella di mare, Fr: Macareux moine

Dear All,
This week Harald Totland and myself spent a day at the island Runde on the northern part of the Norwegian west coast. A truly spectacular site, highly recommended!

We did see an Avocet (Avosett) on a small island near Runde. This is almost a sensation, since
the Avocet is only seen a few times every year in Norway. This was the second bird seen so far this year. 

HOWEVER .... in my selection of Bird of Month, aesthetic criteria are stronger than ornithological. Under this condition is should be no big surprise that the winner of the month is the Puffin.

The view of the Puffins coming back in the evening sun, going into their caves in the steep cliff is a spectacular event that we will never forget.