February 17, 2015

Otis tarda

No: Stortrappe, En: Great bustard, It: Otarda

Dear All,
I spent St. Valentines day 2015 alone in Extremadura, Spain watching the mating lek of the
Great Bustard! (How romantic …). All together there were more than 30 birds in the field. This is a very big bird. The male weighs up to 16 kg, wingspan up to 240cm. It can fly, see bottom picture. The great bustard is almost extinct in all of Europe, except Spain. In Norway it has only been seen once, in 1761, described in a letter from Bishop Gunnerus to Carl von LinnĂ©.

The males utter the most amazing sound during the mating game. Hear it in BBC Tweet of the Day.

If you want to visit Extremadura, I highly recommend Casa Rural el Recuerdo.

Hasta el prĂ³ximo mes,

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