January 26, 2013

Anas acuta

Bird of month January 2013

Sci: Anas acuta, Eng: Pintail, No: Stjertand, It: Codone

Dear All,
January is usually a quiet month, but not for me.  
I had nearly 40 new species in my collection during this month.
Of course most of these in New Zealand. 
Still, I decide to pick one of the two new birds I got in Norway this month.

Here is no doubt about the name, all these names indicate that this beautiful duck has a very long and pointed tail. This is not a common bird in Hordaland, but this male has been seen in a lake in Bergen throughout the winter, so it is well documented. 

NOTE: Aurora helped me with these photos!

Best regards, and best wishes for February to all of you. 
Spring is coming, birds are already singing in our garden!