August 29, 2014

Calidris Alpina

Sci:  Calidris Alpina,  No: Myrsnipe,  Eng: Dunlin, It: Piovanello pancianera

Dear All,
We went to the beach of Selje, Norway on August 10 to celebrate the wedding of Hildegunn and Rune. This Dunlin is dedicated to you!

The pictures below are from Loch Morar, Scotland, easter 2014. The belly is darker (pancianera=black belly) in the breeding season.

Till next month, enjoy the autumn,


Selje, Norway August 10, 2014. Manual focus Olympus OM 300mm lens, price was only £100 on ebay! Camera: Sony NEX 5N with EVF.

Loch Morar, Scotland, April 10, 2014. Manual focus Canon FD L 500mm f4.5, price £650. Camera: Sony NEX 5N with EVF.