February 08, 2013

Cygnus Cygnus

Bird of Month February 2013

Sci: Cygnus Cygnus,  Eng: Whooper Swan,  No: Sangsvane, It: Cigno selvatico, Fr: Cygne chanteur

Dear All,
Bird of the month is a typical bird to be seen in the winter in our area.

Note the difference between this "Singing Swan" and the Mute Swan (Knoppsvane), often seen in parks. The other bird has a 'bump' on the beak, and does not sing. This difference is accentuated somehow differently in  different languages. 
(Knoppsvane / Sangsvane, MuteSwan/ .., Cygne tubercule/ Cygne chanteur).

The birds in the photo were seen in a lake near Bergen. There were about 50 swans in the lake,
beautiful view!

Best regards,