February 08, 2014

Turdus atrogularis

Sci: Turdus atrogularis, No: Svartstrupetrost, Eng: Black-throated thrush, It: Tordo golanera

Dear All,
The bird of this month is very rare! It has only been seen 30 times in Norway since 1886. It belongs to the taiga east of Ural, and this female bird suddenly became a celebrity in Bergen when it navigated completely wrong and appeared in a garden two weeks ago (Bergens Tidende)

Thanks a lot to Ellen Sophie Thobro and Lars Atle Lauvås for their great hospitality, and thanks to Harald T. for accompanying me on this highly adventurous excursion. A rather unusual birding trip to sit in a warm living room with a cup of  coffee and wait for a 3-star rare bird to appear outside the window!

Best regards,

PS: This is a female and therefore doesn't have a black throat.