May 31, 2014

Gavia stellata

Sci: Gavia stellata, No: Smålom, Eng: Red-throated diver, It: Strolaga minore

Dear All,
The May posting is a follow-up on April. I'm very fascinated by the arctic birds staying on the coasts in the winter and migrating to arctic inland habitats in the summer. I have followed the Red-throated diver on all its journey from the Scottish isles to the Norwegian mountains this spring, first in the Inner Hebridies in the easter, then during migration outside Skogsøy, Hordaland May 1, and finally in summer plumage at Lake Biskola, near Ustaoset in the Norwegian mountains now on May 31.

Best regards,

Summer plumage, Lake Biskola, Ustaoset May 31

Winter plumage, Inner Hebridies, Scotland, Easter.

Migration outside Skogsøy, Hordaland, Norway, May 1.

Everything below: Lake Biskola, Ustaoset, Norway, May 31.

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