December 31, 2014

Ramphastos toco

No: Tocotukan, En: Toco toucan, It: Toco toucan

Dear All,
Uruguay and Argentina have been fantastic. We had many candidates for BotM-December. Today we went for our second day in the rainforest around Iguazu falls. We didn't have much hope of seeing the Toucan, since it is not easily seen, and we have been here for two days without any sign of it. Then, on christmas eve, last evening here, not long before sunset they appeared in front of us for a few minutes, not one but two Tucans! So this is the obvious choice. The Tucan looks unreal! It is really beautiful when it flies.

Thanks for help Paola! I dedicate these photos to Aurora, she is so fond of this bird.
A nice christmas for everyone!


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