October 21, 2012

Bucephala clangula

Bird of Month October 2012

Sci: Bucephala clangula, Eng: Goldeneye, No: Kvinand, it: Quattrocchi

Dear Everyone,

Unlike BOTD, I don't have any dogmas for the BOTM postings, so I can post anything. However, with conditions  new species and images taken within the current month, this is the only possibility, the Goldeneye (Kvinand).

The bird was spotted by my neighbour Harald in the little lake near our houses (Storetveitvannet). It is commonly found in this lake in the winter, but this was the first this season.

Best wishes for Movember to all of you.


(The female bottom photo is the original posting, the upper two shows a male in Tveitevannet in Jan. 2013)

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