November 09, 2012

Serinus serinus

Bird of Month November 2012

Sci: Serinus serinus, Eng: Serin, It:Verzellino , No: Gulirisk

Dear Everyone,
We are already in the last day of November. This month is not good for bird photography, because days are short rainy and dark. Here in Bergen we actually had quite a bit of snow today. I had a trip to Madrid in the beginning of the month, so I got one new species also this month. Since I didn't have much time, I just brought my 'small' (300mm olympus OM Zuiko) bird lens, and I did only look for birds in the field behind the ICMAT institute.

The Serin is rarely seen in Norway, but was observed nesting first time in Norway in 2010.


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Photo from Madrid, March 2014: (Canon FD 500mm f4.5 L):

Originally posted photos:

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